Фрод, Application Firewall, неудачная капча и двухфакторная авторизация: как мы нашли и устранили проблему в приложении
# Team02 july 2021

Как оптимизировать скорость сайта с помощью Google PageSpeed
# Development21 june 2021
# Development 05 march 2021

ML-решения для консервативного ресторанного бизнеса

Ivan Antipin
# Development 03 march 2021

Digital Products and Machine Learning

Andrey Ryzhkin
# Team 28 december 2020


Alexander Bogdanov
# Management 22 december 2020

AGIMA's Profit Calculator

Vitali Doschenko
# Design 11 december 2020

1,000 Seconds. Current Practices in Product Design

Konstantin Kisleiko

Как сварить крепкую дизайн-команду
# Design03 december 2020

Let's Test an Android App Properly
# Development27 november 2020
# Design 26 november 2020

Involvement and Uncertainty

Grigory Kochenov
# Development 24 november 2020

Building Complex Screens, from Layout to Navigation

Igor Vedeneev
# Design 11 november 2020

Your Product's Design: What You Should Take Special Note Of

Grigory Kochenov

How to Make Animation That Everyone Loves (Even the User)?
# Design19 october 2020

От погружения в задачу до юзабилити-тестирования: как использовать аналитику в дизайне
# Analytics19 october 2020
# Management 03 october 2020

Inspections and QC

Evgeniy Lobanov
# Management 02 october 2020

Sales System for Digital Production

Vitali Doschenko
How to Add Animation to the Website Without Annoying the User
# Management 02 october 2020

Marketing Optimization in Digital Production

Kristina Lyaptseva
# Management 02 october 2020

KPIs and Assessing Employee and Team Performance

Sergey Kozhemyakin
# Management 02 october 2020

A Game of Roulette: "Let's Feed Our Manager Technical Nonsense"

Andrey Ryzhkin
# Analytics 24 september 2020

How to Properly Test Digital Product Hypotheses When Implementing New Features

Oleg Rudakov

Design with No Research: Several "How Not To" Case Studies and Lessons Learned
# Analytics22 september 2020

How We Created the New Komsomolskaya Pravda Website
# Analytics24 august 2020
Lessons Learned from Agile Transformation, or How We Figured out Planning and Management from Scratch
# Management 29 july 2020

Digital Product Architecture and Team Funding in the New Age

Alexander Bogdanov
# Design 28 july 2020

Digital Service Design: How to Create an Automated Business in Times of Crisis

Grigory Kochenov
# Designing 28 july 2020

Human-Centered Design vs Business Limitations. How to Maintain Balance Without Spending More Than You Need To?

Dmitriy Podluzhnyy
# Analytics 30 june 2020

App Information Safety

Alexey Klinov
# Team 23 june 2020

How to Manage a Product Team

Mikhail Dyrma
# Analytics 18 june 2020

Time for FIX-PRICE Contracts

Vitali Doschenko
# Team 05 june 2020

How to Pick a Contractor

Konstantin Movchan
# Designing 28 may 2020

A Design Everyone Is Happy with

Dmitriy Podluzhnyy
# Team 26 may 2020

Anger Management: Addressing Conflicts Within the Team

Andrey Ryzhkin

Сапожник с сапогами: как digital-агентству сделать себе сайт и не разориться?
# Management21 may 2020
# Analytics 12 april 2020

How to Combine Quantitative and Qualitative Studies to Form a Product Feature Backlog

Oleg Rudakov
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