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AGIMA creates web services and mobile apps for business based on data and common sense
We conduct qualitative and quantitative research to better understand your product and its users and offer long-term solutions.


Our approach
We are one of the largest teams in Russia. We have several hundreds of project managers, designers, engineers and coders with solid experience in large-scale projects.


Our approach
We are committed to HADI-cycle concept of iterative development. We test, analyze, and offer the best solutions. We speak the language of business. We are user-oriented. We offer SLAs with a financial guarantee.


Our approach

Machine learning & Artificial intelligence

We create projects in machine learning and data analysis.
We accelerate business, automate routine and do by the power of algorithms what previously was too long to do by hand.
Since 2006, we have been working with large-scale products that have evolved over the years.
AGIMA is a full-cycle digital production company equipped with proprietary product analytics, web and mobile development capabilities.

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"AGIMA is an amazing team"
551 551 in-house
We employ all the necessary specialists, from art director to tester. We hire the best people in the market. It is expensive but worth it.
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of experience
We have been at the top of industry ratings for a long time
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Digital integrator rating
Highload development of complex digital projects
2023 # Runet rating
Rating of web studios - the best website developers
Our customers trust us

We have worked with major insurance companies, banks, retailers, car brands, government projects, eCommerce and media companies, and others.

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We are expanding the digital services market and the Internet industry with the help of special projects

Наши спецпроекты
Let the sport drive your work! The largest sports festival in the IT industry, included in the Russian Book of Records
Why we are running?
We believe that the days of networking at afterparty industry events are fading. With the growing popularity of sports and jogging in particular, this is the time for completely different communications based on health, energy, determination, and the desire to win.

Alexander Bogdanov
Founder AGIMA
Наши спецпроекты
We help high-growth potential agencies and studios become leaders in their segment.
How to become a member of AGIMA.boost
AGIMA has long been handing over leads to young studios, helping them with sales and PR. Boost is an even tighter integration of AGIMA with promising market players.

Peter Fedyushkin
Director of Partners' Club by AGIMA
Наши спецпроекты
Partners' Club
If we are unable to carry out your project ourselves, we will offer you a choice of contractors. We will have full control over their work and bear responsibility for the result
We have more leads coming in than we can handle. Even though our priority is large and long-term projects, we don’t like to say “No”. That is why we have created the AGIMA Partners Club. It includes 250 studios and agencies with different profiles, which we carefully select and certify.

Peter Fedyushkin
Director of Partners' Club by AGIMA
Наши спецпроекты
You have a digital agency, but you are experiencing some difficulties. We know how to solve 90% of them.
Our production processes are standardized with many successful cases of their application. In reality, there are certain specifics that interfere with the scalability of the agency. We won’t only discuss general principles but also resolve the obstacles for implementing the approach for your organization.

Vitali Doschenko
New Business Director


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