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Andrey Ryzhkin
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Development 03 march 2021

Digital Products and Machine Learning

Andrey Ryzhkin
Management 02 october 2020

A Game of Roulette: "Let's Feed Our Manager Technical Nonsense"

Andrey Ryzhkin
Team 26 may 2020

Anger Management: Addressing Conflicts Within the Team

Andrey Ryzhkin
Development 02 august 2019

Deployment for Every Day: Integrated Security Control

Alexey Klinov
Development 12 december 2018

RIW-2018: Inhouse vs Outsource: Is Product Development Possible with Outsource Production?

Andrey Ryzhkin
Development 18 april 2018

How to Structure Your Development for Truly Complex Projects

Andrey Ryzhkin
Development 15 november 2017

From a Transformation of Consciousness to a Conscious Transformation / IT Transformation: Challenges and Trends

Andrey Ryzhkin
Development 08 november 2018

How to Become a Teamlead

Andrey Ryzhkin
Development 28 june 2017

The Bloody Era of Web-Driven Enterprise

Andrey Ryzhkin
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